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Type R Door Sound Proofing

Civic Type R (ep3) Door sound proofing demonstration for the owners club. It shows the basics of how to apply 6 sheets per door of sound de…
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Nokia X3-02 Touch & Type Mobile Phone Review

Bonus video for you today, recorded with the Kodak Playtouch (sorry I forgot to upload earlier in the month). In this video I take a look at the Nokia X3-02 Touch & Type Mobile Phone. Buy this product here Useful Links Supplied by: Sponsor: YouTube Channel: Website: Twitter: My intro & outro was created with the help of a template by Nefos. Link:

True HD 808 Car Keys 720P Keychain Spy Camera Type #11 Review (with date/time removal)

This comprehensive video review of the 808 Car Keys HD720P MiniDV Camera includes unboxing, operation, charging, as well as an extensive array of tests and benchmarks created to objectively compare this camera to future cameras we will be testing. The testing would be of interest to anyone who owns one of these cameras with the caveat that some of the testing has a bias for using these cameras on model rockets, planes, or helis for aerial photography. This video describes a few issues which were resolved via firmware updates/patches which we have created instructions for. If you wish to obtain the firmware files and instructions on how to load them, the links can be found at the following link: Note: The firmware files described in this video for turning the timestamp on/off are intended for all cameras made after 01/2011 and have been updated to the 5/2011 version, which is claimed to have superior color saturation and sensitivity. If you have similar cameras that you would like to have us test, do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks for watching!
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Go Pro Cameras are the best extreme sports photo/video cameras on the market. Want to know more….. Jimmy from X-Treme Video will guide you through the entire range of cameras and accessories. Jimmy also shows you how to get the best results from your GoPro with some handy tips. Be a Hero GoPro!
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Nokia C2-02 Touch and Type , Unboxing and Review

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Hey YouTube, here’s my review on the Nokia 2330 for T-Mobile. It’s your basic candy bar like cellphone. FREE on a new 2-year contract from T-Mobile or on a Non-contract plan.

Introducing Nokia C2-03 – Dual SIM Meets Touch and Type

Nokia C2-03 combines Dual-SIM functionality with Touch and Type technology. A great phone for those who want to combine their varied needs into a single device. The Easy Swap feature allows you to open the slot on the side of the phone and simply insert your new SIM, with no need to reboot. Should you have more than two SIM cards, the Nokia C2-03 is capable of remembering the settings for up to five separate cards. Measuring 103 x 51.4 x 17mm (L x W x H) and weighing 118g, it fits perfectly in your pocket, or hand. The phone has standby time up to 400 hours with a talk time of up to five hours.

PhoneArena has the pleasure of reviewing the Nokia 6700 slide – a compact Symbian S60 3rd Edition smartphone slider. The 6700 slide sports a pretty good build quality, as the bigger part of its body is made of aluminum. Additionally, it looks pretty nice and is offered in a number of different colors. For our full text review of the Nokia 6700 slide, visit us at:

Nokia C2-02 Touch and Type – Unboxing and Quick Review

The Nokia C2-02 Touch & Type is a simple to use phone with good looks and an attractive price tag. I feel the phone lacks a menu/scroll button, which would have made this phone absolute phone in this range. It has a resistive touch screen, and therefore sometimes you feel a menu button would have been a bliss. Nevertheless, this phone is packed by some good features: Key features -Dual-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support -2.6″ 65K-color resistive TFT QVGA touchscreen -S40 6th edition -2 megapixel fixed-focus camera 1600 X 1200px -QCIF video recording at 15fps -Stereo FM radio -Bluetooth v2.1 (with A2DP) -Standard microUSB port -microSD card slot (32 GB supported) -3.5mm audio jack -1020mAH battery Enjoy the unboxing and a quick review of the Nokia C2-02. Share your comments below and you can subcribe to this channel if you like this video. Official Nokia India C2-02 microsite:
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Nokia X3 Touch and Type Review

PhoneArena reviews the Nokia X3 Touch and Type. The Nokia X3 Touch and Type (also known as the Nokia X3-02) is one of those phones that won’t break the bank, but might still blow your mind. Why, you ask, might such a simple-looking phone make me stop in my tracks? With the name being an indication of what’s so special about it, the Nokia X3 Touch and Type couples a quirky 4×4 key keyboard … For more details, check out our full review:

Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa told Finnish television talk show YLE that Nokia has a backup plan if Windows Phone 8 fails. He didn’t share any more details, but he also said that they are confident Windows Phone 8 will be successful. Nokia fans, what do you think Nokia’s contingency plan should be? Do you want a Nokia Android phone? Should Nokia make more MeeGo phones? Will Nokia go back to Symbian? ** Click THUMBS UP if you like more news updates like this ** NOKIA REVIEWS, GUIDES, VIDEOS TWEET NOKIA STUFF http JOIN NOKIA FANS
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Choosing The Right Type Of Wine

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Wines as we know them are generally distinguished as either red or white wine. However, this distinction is much too simplified considering the various types of wine depending on the grapes they were made of and the location of the vineyard where they were grown.

Having invested possibly hundreds of dollars in your latest bottle of vintage wine (ah well, we can but dream), the next important decision is where to store this prized possession?

The knowledge that wine can come in hundreds, perhaps thousands of flavors, can leave you with a feeling of dread especially when you have to order wine in restaurants. The basic rule is that there is no one perfect wine because it really depends on your own taste buds. An expensive wine that may taste perfect for one can taste horrible to another.

When ordering wine in restaurant, ask for the wine you personally prefer or have gotten familiar to the taste of. If you are the adventurous type or you really don’t have an idea which wines are good, then it is always practical to ask the help of the waiter or the restaurant staff taking your order. It is proper to surmise that the staff or waiter should have been given instructions and the basic training in wine selection by the restaurant owner or manager. But what if the waiter is just as ignorant as their customers about their wine list? What if the big decision as to which wine to order is left in your hands? Art of Wine Tasting.

If no one on the staff is knowledgeable about wines or can’t make suggestions, ask the waiter to just come back and then ask your companions about their preferences. Ask your dining companions whether they prefer red or white wine. The most common choices would be chardonnay for white wine as this is the king of white wine, or cabernet sauvignon for red wine as this is known as the king of red wine. No other choice could be much safer.

Wines benefit from being kept in dark conditions. Although this is not always practical, wine should certainly be stored in an area that is not exposed it to direct sunlight.

If you are eating white meat life fish or chicken, it would be best to order white wine. If you have chosen red meat like pork or beef roast, then red wine lie Pinot Noir would be an ideal wine to order. Ordering wine by the bottle is sometimes cheaper than ordering wine by glass. There are restaurants that offer discounts to customers who order two or more bottles of wine.

Whether or not you have a limited budget, it is always wise to ask for the price of wine per bottle or per glass, if only to have a stock knowledge of their prices the next time you are tasked with the same decision to order wine for the group. If money isn’t a problem for you, then Dom Perignon would be a good choice although this wine is higher priced than the others. There are equally good wine sparklers like Iron Horse or Domaine Chandon which are priced reasonably, depending on where you are eating.

There are wines that are better when they are less than three years old. You can try ordering white wines like Pinot Blanc or French Macon are dry white wines that command good prices and can be eaten well with appetizers. Wines are best drunk when they have been properly chilled.

Many modern wines do not need to be aged over a great period of time; therefore extensive cellars are often unnecessary. Having said this, if you have the time, space and resource to excavate a cellar, your wine will surely benefit. A purpose built cellar is not normally an option for most households and so suitable alternatives must be explored.

Panasonic Ni-MH Type 29 Battery (HHR-P104A/1B)

Panasonic Ni-MH Type 29 Battery (HHR-P104A/1B)

  • Ni-MH Battery
  • Type 29 Cordless telephone battery

The Panasonic Ni-MH Type 29 Battery (HHR-P104A/1B) features Ni-MH Battery and Type 29 Cordless telephone battery.

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Security Chain Company QG3210CAM Quik Grip Wide Base Type CAM-DH Light Truck Tire Traction Chain – Set of 2

Security Chain Company QG3210CAM Quik Grip Wide Base Type CAM-DH Light Truck Tire Traction Chain – Set of 2

  • Durable Quik Grip wide base link chain
  • Light truck and SUV applications
  • Highway service
  • On and Off road use
  • CAM style

Security Chain Company Quik Grip Wide Base Type CAM-DH Light Truck Traction Chain is designed for virtually every type of use from passenger cars, SUVs to trucks, airport transporters, ATVs, garden tractor to snowblowers and forklift machines.

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