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Save Money! How to Buy Used HD Gear – HD Nation

Are used HDTVs a good deal? Find the answer in this episode of HD Nation. Also a review of the new major league baseball system on Roku, a look at the latest Blu-Ray releases, and how to get 10% more out of your HDTV for free – it’s called overscan and it is not your friend.

Mr,Box Office Review| Episode 3 “Money, Money, Money”

iReviews Everything, a new show here on Slappinyaface Entertainment where i review everything from TV Shows to Generic Brands, I hope you all enjoy my reviews, please remember to voice your opionon in the comments below, Like, Share, and Subscribe ————————————————————————————————————————— Marcus is informed that his accountants are being investigated for money laundering, his monetary assets are being seized and is accused of being knowingly involved in the scheme. Little does he know that the situation is all a ploy set up by Bobby in order to convince Marcus to appear in a feature film (in which the lead character is an outer space detective) with a million paycheck attached. Meanwhile, Jamal and Tony get odd jobs in order to make some money, and end up making major cash operating a mexican soul food stand and selling toilet paper for a roll to anyone who has a bad reaction from the food. Episode 2 Rating 2/10= Waste Of Time .————————————————————————————————————————- We at Slappinyaface feel like this is OUR year, but we still need everyone’s help So please Share/Like/Subscribe! Find Us: Facebook Friend Page: (I Love New Friends) Facebook Fan Page: (Make Sure You Like) Twitter: (Follow, I Follow Back) Email: Other Slappinyaface Shows: Jeff and Pat

How to Earn Money on your Apple or Android Device

How to Earn Money on your Apple or Android Device The following apps are: PayPal Gigwalk Receipt Hog App Trailers And for a bonus there is Lemon which is like a spare wallet in your pocket.

Money Matters: Kenya’s first tablet computer? 25-year old Kelvin Jayanoris and his 22-year old partner Jeanette Mawere have designed Kenya’s first tablet, an 7-inch Android device that is already in the market. For just Sh17,000 (about US0) the Noris Kaboo it is the cheapest tablet around but can it compete against big name brands like Apple, Samsung and Amazon?

Fine Food Can Be Easy On The Personalized Money Clip

personalized money clip

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Food is a necessity, but sadly, fine dining is a luxury, and from the name itself, a very fine one at that. It is a luxury afforded by the rich and famous, and one that you can have too. All it takes is a great appreciation of good food and excellent wine, and a bit of extra cash in your personalized money clip.

Worth the Wait

Everybody knows that good food, like good wine, takes time. You’ll know that you’re in a particularly good restaurant if it takes them awhile to prepare your meal. Food that takes time to prepare often comes out perfectly and is well worth the wait and anticipation. It will look perfect, smell perfect, and taste perfect, and it will be worth every penny in your personalized money clip.

Good Value for Money

Though most fine cuisines in the world can weigh heavily on your personalized money clip, there are some that are actually quite affordable. They’re so reasonably priced that you’ll barely notice the change in the contents of your personalized money clip.

Western and European cuisine are often expensive. Eating French foie gras, Italian pizza and pasta, or English steak and kidney pies can cause a large dent on your personalized money clip. This is due to the fact that cost of living is so much higher in these countries and most ingredients have to be exported; therefore, food is only cooked with the finest cuts of meat, the freshest and hardest to find vegetables, and imported spices. These are also known as posh food and are mostly patronized by well-to-do Westerners.

Eastern and Oriental cuisine, on the other hand, will barely make a difference in your personalized money clip. Street food such as Thailand’s pad thai, China’s dumplings, India’s curries, and Japan’s sushi are a mere few pennies, dollar wise. Ingredients are grown locally, even in backyards, so the inflation of prices for spices, meats, and vegetables are virtually unheard of.

Most Westerners would hesitate from digging in to this kind of food, and understandably so. These are mostly spicy and may not always be particularly clean. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve acquired the taste and your system has adjusted to the rich flavors and strong spices, you won’t be left wanting for anything else. Social standing is proving inconsequential in the pursuit of good food. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. You can enjoy fine dining regardless. Indeed, your personalized money clip does not have to suffer in pursuit of good food. It’s just a matter of knowing exactly where to look and digging in without hesitation.

Food for Thought

There’s nothing like a finely cooked meal or a richly prepared banquet to enhance the senses. Whether you have a fat personalized money clip or a thin one, you have every right to enjoy good food and to dine in the finest way possible. After all, good food should be a right and not a privilege.