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Surface Pro – How to Mirror to Your TV using Apple TV

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Apple TV: How to Mirror Your Mac to TV using the New ipad

this is a video tutorial on how to mirror your mac to your tv using apple tv and your iPad 2 & the New iPad with the app iDisplay Step 1: make sure your apple tv software is updated & your iPad 2 is running iOS 5 Step 2: Go to the website and click on iDisplay Desktop for Mac OS (it should be in blue letters) to download the software for your Mac Step 3: Download the App “iDisplay” from the App store on your iPad 2 (the App is .99) Step 4: Turn off Bluetooth on your iPad 2 Step 5: Open the iDisplay Software on your Mac Step 6: Open the iDisplay App on your iPad 2 Follow the Video instructions to do the rest!

Wireless reversing camera & mirror with bluetooth handsfree kit

Wireless reversing camera & mirror with bluetooth handsfree kit. I bought off ebay. £89.00 delivered. Colour camera, wireless transmittor (and the receiver is built into mirror) bluetooth handsfree kit with caller id (showing name and number) FM transmittor (so you can have the calls going through your car stereo speakers) as an alternative option to the small speaker that is built into the mirror. Easy to do…..2 minutes playing with settings. Installation took 10 mins basic ( and then another 10 mins to tidy the camera wire up at the rear of the car) Battery life (on the mirror) is 10 hours of the LCD screen CONSTANTLY being on….so in real terms….it will last a few weeks, but less if you make lots of phone calls!! then 3 hours to charge the mirror (and ALL leads are supplied to charge) Want one?……..go to ebay and search “reversing camera mirror”

Mirror Screen Protector Review for the Motorola Droid Thank you for watching!

This is my opinion on the Motorola SF200 Headphones
Video Rating: 4 / 5

LG Art Cool Mirror Finish Ductless Mini Split System Introduction

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