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Backcountry Snowboarding: GoPro Helmet POV Camera- The Sherwins – Mammoth, CA

Bluebird day after a 4′ storm. 2000′ vertical descent- skier’s left of “The Hose” in the Sherwins Mountain Range in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I was strapped into my Burton Fish, wearing my old skoo GoPro HERO Helmet Camera (SD).
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Helmet Cam Review – ATC2K, ATC3K, ATC5K, Epic Stealth, GoPro Hero, Tachyon XC, VholdR

This is the second review by the helmet camera review blog. The entire written review that this video goes along with is located at in this review I am looking at the ATC2k, ATC3K, ATC5K, Epic Stealth, GoPro Hero Camera, Tachyon XC, and the VholdR helmet cams.
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VholdR Contour HD 1080P Helmet Cam Review

Short reivew/overview of the VholdR Contour 1080P HD Helmet Camera. Recoreded in 720P (handy cam) and 1080P Contour Helmet Cam.
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Follow me on my exploratory journey into the 3rd Dimension. I’ll do my best to study up on how to transfer some of the results into a digital format. That way it can be consumed via YouTube’s player for you all to marvel at. (or to ridicule if it all turns out to be load of old tat)

Drift HD helmet camera review 1080p

Updated track and trail sample footage from our review of the Drift HD. See the full review here All footage was shot in 1080p. We did try 720p @ 60fps as this setting gives better results with the ‘gopro’ helmet cameras – however the Drift camera 1080p @ 30fps was the best results. Wind noise is in part due to mounting on the helmet.
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GoPro Hero HD: In depth review of features, use and what’s included. Awesome helmet cam!

In depth review of the cameras features, how to program and what you get, Best Helmet cam out there and customer support is top notch!
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