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Gourmet Wine Gift Baskets

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Over the past few years the diet of the people living in Mediterranean area has come into focus and many people where surprised to learn the prominent role wine plays in keep us healthy. You can create a healthy gourmet wine gift basket based on the Mediterranean diet and give the wine lover on your list a taste of the wonderful assortment of Greek wines.

Greece has a 6,000 year old wine tradition supported by mythology which attributes the origin of winemaking to Dionysus. Each of the local wines has a distinct identity and quality, which has been supported for the past 20 years by the formation of the Appellation d’ Origine Controlee (AOC). Wine producers in Greece have enjoyed much success in culinary circles and gourmet wine gift baskets are a natural extension to this.

Greek gourmet wine gift baskets make a wonderful addition to any wine enthusiasts collection. For a country that is smaller that the state of Georgia in America, ranking after the 12th largest wine producing country of Chile is a testament to the improvement of wine quality over the last ten years. Wine production in Greece is a natural result of its variable, temperate climate and all sorts of varied soils, much of it mountainous with is conducive for a wide range of wines.

What are some of the best known grape varieties used in Greek wines? The grape variety of Moschofilero grown in a cool climate produces white wines that are delicate and aromatic. For full bodied red wines, look to the grape variety called Xinomavro. When you want to fill your gourmet wine gift basket with delicious dessert wines, the Muscat variety from the Greek islands are wonderful choices.

For the wine aficionado, the fact that most Greek wines are made from native grape varieties will make them unique and appealing. Greek wines come from a cool climate which gives them a subtle temperament with low alcohol content.

By some standards, every Greek meal could be considered gourmet; salads made with delectable feta cheese, fresh seafood combinations, whole grain breads served with delicious wine is the common fare eaten on a daily basis. For the basic Greek gourmet wine gift baskets, select a pair of red and white wine from any of the famous vineyards of Greece and then surround it with extra-virgin olive oil, “pitza” appetizers, marinated and oil cured olives, feta cheese, pasta, stuffed grape leaves with seasoned rice and fire-roasted peppers.

You can also create a gourmet wine gift basket with a Greek island theme; there are many regional producers of wine on Crete, Samos and Santorini online that can provide you with all of the ingredients for a wonderful present for any wine enthusiast.

If your wine lover has a sweet tooth, you can pair deliciously sweet dessert wines with a number of pastries that have a distinctive Mediterranean flavor; Kataifi (Shredded Nut Pastries) or Bourekakia (Honey Nut Rolls) and one of the many varieties of the world famous flaky pastry Baklava filled with honey, walnuts or pistachios just to name a few. Make your present unique and really surprise your wine lover with a gourmet wine gift basket of delicacies and delectable Merlot or Chardonnay from Greece; the land where wine is considered a “gift from the Gods.”

Gourmet Coffee

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Do you remember not so long ago when there were only two choices of coffee available, either regular or decaf? Coffee drinking was pretty simple in those days. When you invited guests to your house the most you could offer them was a cup of black or white coffee.

Now days however, the world is a much bigger place offering a plethora of choice.

Coffee drinking has become a lot more sophisticated. Should you find yourself at your local coffee shop, you’re sure to be confronted with an entire menu dedicated to a host of speciality flavors and blends that can be served either hot or cold.

Gourmet coffee has essentially come of age allowing those who like to indulge a wide array of choices of the finest tastes from all over the globe. As a rule gourmet coffee is generally more expensive than the regular types. However I am sure anyone who has tried some will agree it is well worth paying the bit extra for the uniquely enjoyable experience of tasting the different specialty blends. If you have never tried gourmet coffee, trust me you are really missing out on adult pleasures.

As times have changed so have people’s tastes in coffee.

No doubt that is why coffee makers have become so popular with many people installing the machines in their kitchens so they can whip-up their favourite gourmet coffee in just minutes. But the old favorite coffee presses are still used everyday by loads of people just like me who adore their simplicity and easy, no fuss clean up and storage.

If you venture down to you local coffee house you are sure to gain an education of the number of ways coffee can be prepared. Gloria Jean’s is one of my favourite coffee shops and some of their gourmet blends that might inspire you are butter toffee, creamy chocolate caramel, French vanilla supreme, Swiss chocolate almond, hazelnut and of course everyone’s favourite Irish crème.

Coffee tasting can be a delightfully social experience and believe me you will never run out of varieties to try when as part of the selection there are coffees like amaretto, cookies and cream, chocolate macadamia and mudslide, just to name a few.

Today via the internet there is a huge variety of coffees available. If you are willing to be a bit adventurous I am sure you will find a gourmet brew that will appeal to your taste buds.

Sites are being set up as online coffee shops to sell the very best quality premium coffee blends from all around the world. Africa, South America, Italy, France and even New Orleans are just some of the places where these gourmet coffees originate.

If you are trying to find a great gift for that difficult to buy for relative or friend then why not put together a gift basket of speciality quality organic coffees. I am sure they will be thrilled – you can’t beat the taste sensation of a top gourmet brew.

Gourmet Seafood Is A Great Gift!

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Many people have distaste for the word “gourmet” until they learn the actual meaning of it. A gourmet is simply a person with a detailed knowledge of the finest food and drink. The term originally came from the French word “groumet” which is a valet in charge of wine. Gourmet seafood, then, is the finest seafood. Sending gourmet seafood as a gift is a special and unique way of showing a person that you care for them.

Gourmet seafood can be a gift to customers, clients or employees. There are many companies that offer a pleasing and tasty selection. Careful attention should be paid in order to make the best choice for your important customer. Sending the gift of gourmet seafood is giving the gift of the prize of New England. Your employee or customer will be very pleased and delighted with the surprise of gourmet seafood arriving on their doorstep.

You should carefully consider which company you choose before placing an order of gourmet seafood. Some firms can be easily contacted about the details of your shipment and readily give information about when it will be arriving to your customers and employees. Many companies even offer discounts on a large order, for example, if your gourmet seafood order totals over 0.

The packages you can order include such favorites as Lobster Lover’s Feast or Surf and Turf. How about a Maine Lobster Party, or maybe just one or two live Maine lobsters? A hearty Shrimp and Steak Classic, rustic Australian Rock Lobsters or a Classic New England Clambake can also be ordered. Of course, the prices of these gourmet seafood packages depend on the quantity and the distance it’s being sent.

How to Order Your Gourmet Seafood

1. You should fill out a corporate gift order form and fax it in to the company. Or, if you prefer, the customer care line would be happy to take your order.

2. Make sure your billing address and the address your credit card company has on file are the same.

3. Make sure you place an order well in advance, at least 48 hours prior to when you need it to be shipped, in order to avoid any emergencies. If your gourmet seafood company cannot process your order, they should contact you immediately and provide you with other options. Always ask for a confirmation of the corrected order if this happens.

4. The gourmet seafood company will contact you just before they process the order to your credit card, in order to get your final confirmation.

5. If you receive a discount, the gourmet seafood company will deduct it from the total, usually before the shipping charges are added.

6. Many gourmet seafood companies will notify the recipient via email, so they’ll know when they should expect their package. They will also send you an email when the package has been successfully delivered.

Are You Looking For Gourmet Coffee?

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The perception of gourmet coffee is characteristically rich and luxurious. But if you are a true coffee lover, fresh gourmet coffee has a flavor that can’t be beat. It’s rich, full-bodied Taste is a daily necessity to millions of people. But everyone’s taste in coffee is uniquely there own. Find other articles on coffee at

Coffee perceptions great by themselves, but for an extra special flavor sensation, try gourmet flavored coffee. Not all these flavors are everyone’s “cup of tea”, but the taste sensations of gourmet flavored coffee give you a new outlook on your cup of joe. You can taste the sweet caramel just as you can smell the aroma of the freshly ground coffee nearby.

The differentiation may seem miniscule, but the gourmet coffee or tea you beverage will Taste completely divers. More importantly, all the variances affect the flavor and aroma. Many coffee drinkers are not aware of how gourmet coffee should taste since their senses have been desensitized with below-par coffees.


The gourmet coffee bean is considered to be among the finest coffee beans in the world. Out of these varieties, fine gourmet coffee beans are obtained mainly from the species Coffee Arabica. The gourmet coffee beans are offered in a variety of dissimilar serving sizes.

When brewing your own gourmet coffee blend in your kitchen, you have a choice of fresh ground coffee beans from fine Italian Espressos to the rare and exotic Indonesian Kopi Luwak. You want the best cup of coffee you can get, right? If so it pays to do some research and ask questions about what you’re buying.

When doing your legwork for the perfect gourmet coffee, there are a number of things to be cautious about. One thing you should know is whether the beans are fresh Arabian beans blended with stale French Roast. Are the coffee beans roasted in house or locally, or are they shipped from across the country to sit on a shelf waiting for orders. If possible, get coffee beans that have been roasted less than 1 week before.


The dictionary defines gourmet nourishment like this, “Gourmet foodstuff is that which is of the highest quality, perfectly prepared and artfully presented”. Commuters can consider making gourmet coffee beverages at home or the office before departing and enjoy it at home or work while spending quality time with the family and coworkers or take it along in a commuter coffee mug. Gourmet coffee beans go through a rigorous process of certification that is stricter to help keep the quality high.

As a coffee aficionado, you know that there is some extra work to making excellent coffee than simply brewing it. You need to choose the highest quality beans to get the highest quality coffee. Today you can buy quality wholesale gourmet coffee and the right coffee machine to get the coffee you deserve. In addition, only Arabic beans contain the high quality needed for gourmet coffee beans. The quality of a coffee bean depends vastly on where and how that particular coffee bean is grown.


By grinding your own coffee beans, you’ll be able to only grind what you need, meaning that you will have complete freshness in your coffee. The best way to do this is to buy the whole bean in batches and grind them with yur own grinding machine as you need it. But be careful: The type of coffee grind that you use is critical in order to properly match the type of brewing method you will be using. Be sure to ask your coffee merchant which grind is best for you.

Special Gourmet Coffee

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What is gourmet coffee? It’s anything that isn’t served black, according to many coffee labels and manufacturer’s these days. A gourmet coffee can be anything from what you buy at your local Starbuck’s to that bag labeled ‘Gourmet Coffee’ in your supermarket or online coffee dealer. Gourmet coffee can come with beautiful packaging or in a plain brown wrapper.

Whatever it’s wrapped in, gourmet coffee is different, and it smells different too. Some gourmet coffee has chocolate flavors, some are nutty and others are minty. Gourmet coffee is usually ground and ready to brew, so get that coffee machine ready and try out a wide variety of gourmet coffee’s on the market today.

Most gourmet coffee comes packaged in either individual packets or in a one pound to five-pound bag. Some is ground, while offer whole bean coffees. No matter which kind you buy, your taste buds are in for a treat if you’ve never tried some flavors and blends.

For example, gourmet coffee can come in non-flavored selections such as Columbian Supreme, French Roast, Mocha Java, Kenya Blend and Major’s Breakfast Blend, just to name a few. Most of these types of coffee claim robust flavor, premium aroma and a smooth, deep flavor.

For those who have gotten used to the offerings at local coffee bars, the sweeter coffees have become extremely popular. Ever had an Amaretto Supreme? This coffee creation is made with almond flavor and almond flavored liqueur. What about Hazlenut Crème? This gourmet coffee is known as ‘noisette’ in French, and offers coffee drinkers a nutty flavored and sweet coffee.

If you’re a chocoholic, there are a variety of gourmet coffee flavors that will interest your taste buds, like Ultimate Chocolate and Swiss Chocolate Almond, to name just two. For those who like to make their own, most gourmet coffee brands make at least a dozen or more flavors from French Vanilla to Caramel Crème and Southern Pecan and a dozen more. Most gourmet coffee suppliers offer these coffees at moderate prices, so making your own just got easier.

Books for sale in bookstores and those to be found on library shelves teach consumers how to make their own gourmet coffee blends with coffee purchased at supermarkets or ordered online through coffee vendors. Some gourmet coffee blends cost more than others, but most can be had for less than ten dollars for a one to five pound bag, depending on your flavor. Since there’s nothing like the taste of a gourmet coffee once in a while to keep things exciting, many people opt to purchase several different flavors to keep in their homes.

Many people freeze coffee to make it last longer, and most claim that doing so doesn’t alter the taste. Storing coffee in an airtight container will also preserve shelf life. When shopping for gourmet coffee, browse the aisles of your local supermarket first, and if they don’t carry what you want, then try a coffee specialty store. Some coffee shops sell their own special blends of gourmet coffee, as do dozens of online gourmet coffee vendors. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find a flavor of gourmet coffee that tickles your fancy, guaranteed.