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Origins Of Cappucino

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It may just be something you get out of the cappuccino machine in the office to kick-start your day, but there is a lot more to the origins and legends of coffee than you probably imagine. For a simple drink, the number of different beliefs relating to the benefits and origins of coffee are astonishing.

Many historians have now reached agreement that the coffee plant initially came from Ethiopia and was first encountered some two and a half thousand years ago. When the invigorating effects of the plant were realized, it began to be exported by voyagers to Arabia, where it was first given its modern name.

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, times of world trade and discovery, the popularity of coffee spread rapidly. By the end of this period coffee could be found in across Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East. The drink was very different to that which we find in modern cappuccino makers, being drunk strong and black, but it was widely accepted by every class of society.

The health benefits of coffee cited throughout this period, varied greatly. At various times it was believed to cure almost every known ill, often without much foundation in medical fact. However, various more recent studies have shown some benefits to the drink. It has been suggested that mammalian sperm can move quicker, and for longer periods in fluids containing coffee, supposedly fuelled by the caffeine. Another research project undertaken at Harvard indicated that diabetes can be eased by sensible coffee use. Further studies link coffee with diminution of liver cirrhosis and cutting down the effects of asthma.

The negative side of coffee in terms of health is that as a diuretic, coffee can increase urination and cause dehydration. The caffeine can also cause nerve deterioration if used over a long period of time. People can become dependent on the caffeine, and withdrawal symptoms can be severe.

Whether you choose to see coffee as a positive or negative beverage, its commercial value should not be underestimated. With an excess of four hundred billion cups of coffee being drunk each year, annual sales of coffee itself reach almost nine billion US dollars. This does not include the huge retail revenue to be gained in coffee grinders, espresso jugs, cappuccino makers and various other accessories. Coffee is big business, with new specialist outlets opening on worldwide high streets every day. Starbucks alone has over ten thousand coffee shops around the globe.

With the variety of blends, roasts and blends now available, along with speciality types such as flavored and iced coffees, the popularity of the drink seems set to last for the foreseeable future.

Espresso or Cappucino – How to add some “oomph” into your cuppa!

” Oomph is the intricate inner feeling of that touch of power, unexplained yet real, that comes with the drinking of coffee”

I had been a long term tea drinker, preferring tea to any other beverage for years, until one day, I had a new assistant. I was working as a dealer representative for stocks and shares at that time, and that means in a really stressful environment, being in the trading room all the time. So taking some time off to catch a cuppa and to be back to trading and watching the trading screens for the best prices was the perfect break anyone could hope for.

My new assistant was a young lady in her mid twenties, and it was interesting to see her prepare her drink.

No, she wasn’t a tea drinker like me. Instead, she was a coffee fan, perhaps even an addict to coffee, you may say. On her first day at work, she took out of her handbag three packs of instant coffee 3 in 1 – namely instant coffee, sugar and non-dairy creamer, and then proceeded to empty the three packs into one cup,adding hot water, making a strong coffee. She wasn’t through yet, because she also opened another pack of chocolate powder and sprinkled the chocolate powder on to her hot coffee, creating a tremendous aromatic smell that pervaded the trading room.

That was some “oomph” in her coffee.

After a period of three months, I found I was suddenly drinking coffee myself and wasn’t a pure tea drinker anymore. It was a subtle conversion process, and soon I found I really need that coffee in the afternoon trading session.

Now, looking back, I have learnt a lot of techniques to add more “oomph” to my cup of coffee.

One way is to enhance the taste with some special add-on ingredients.

My most popular add-on ingredient is powdered ginseng. Ginseng is the traditional chinese herb which is a root, and american ginseng is preferred to korean or chinese ginseng. This herb makes one alert when taken, and is normally taken to strengthen one’s immune system or body. You can get the ginseng powder from the Natural Herb Store or in the form of capsules that you can empty into a cuppa when you need the “oomph”.

Be reminded that the ginseng root powder carries a somewhat bitter taste. So don’t equate quantity with more “oomph”. You just add sufficient to give you the enhanced aroma and the “oomph” you need.

Another way is to add the “tongkat ali” root powder, which may be slightly harder to obtain. This root is from an original plant in Malaysia and is a well researched herbal root with aphrodiasic features. The aborigines of the tropical jungles of Malaysia use this to enhance their “maniless” and this they prove by having big families. Commercially, you can get a bottle of this Tongkat Ali powder under the brand name “Power Root” throughout the world. Just add a small pinch and you will find the difference in your taste and feel the subsequent well-being.

Now you can have that extra edge and “oomph” when you next take your coffee, irregardless whether it is an espresso or a latte.

Revol Grands Classiques Collection, 6-Inch Lipari Cappucino Cup and Saucer Reviews

Revol Grands Classiques Collection, 6-Inch Lipari Cappucino Cup and Saucer

  • 6-Inch Lipari Cappucino Cup and Saucer
  • Porcelain; designed for intensive cook-and-serve use; inspired by French Culinary Ware
  • White in color; designed to be accessible to all, but are especially favored by our greatest chefs-they are designed for intensive cook and serve use
  • Oven safe to 572 degrees Fahrenheit; microwave safe; freezer safe to 4 degrees Fahrenheit; dishwasher safe
  • Making the culinary elite accessable to the everyday home

Inspired by traditional French culinary ware, Revol’s Grands Classiques collection is a reflection of times past. Favored by the greatest chefs, yet accessible to all, Grands Classiques are designed for intensive cook and serve use. From kitchen to table, you’ll find that traditional is still very much in-vogue. Made of culinary grade porcelain, Grands Classiques pieces are oven safe to 572 degrees Fahrenheit; microwave , freezer and dishwasher safe. Revol is a leading French culinary porcelai

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Mikasa Antique White Tall Cappucino Mug

Mikasa Antique White Tall Cappucino Mug

  • 12-ounce, 4-1/2-inch-tall off-white china cappuccino or coffee mug from Mikasa
  • Made from Mikasa’s patented chip-resistant Ultima china
  • Creamy off-white mug with fluted pillar-like design and flared rim
  • Freezer-to-oven Ultima china is safe for use in dishwasher and microwave
  • 3-1/2-inch diameter; 4-1/2 inches tall; 12-ounce capacity; 2-year limited warranty

Antique White is one of Mikasa’s best selling transitional china patterns. Dresses up or down in any entertaining setting, and is perfect for everyday use.Mikasa’s Antique White pieces are a simple, creamy off-white in color, but their slightly formal, architectural style draws attention; these are not plain dishes, but merely understated. Antique White is an Ultima pattern; Ultima is one of Mikasa’s patented chip-resistant fine china styles, ultra-sturdy and high-fired to be useful under a wide

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Saeco Odea Cappucino Espresso Machine, Titanium and Silver

Saeco Odea Cappucino Espresso Machine, Titanium and Silver

  • Adjustable built-in ceramic disc grinder with automatic shut-off is safe quiet and long-lasting, saeco aroma system for programmable pre-brewing cycle, giro interface for simplified operation of programmable settings
  • Saeco optidose regulates amount of beans ground per serving, easy clean system for chemical-free cleaning
  • Touch lift technology to fit any size cup
  • Cappuccinatore built-in device for faster and easier cappuccino making, removable 50-ounce water tank comes fitted for the internza water filter
  • Rapid steam system, no waiting between frothing milk and brewing espresso, steam wand also produces hot water, cup warming surface holds up to 6 espresso cups

Saeco, only one way to brew perfection. Odea cappuccino, super automatic espresso machine, model #104724, color titanium and silver, 1500-watt , 120-volt, UL listed, enjoy delicious, fresh ground coffee with the touch of a button. Made in Italy.

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